Spanish Translator - Spanish Copywriter

Spanish Translation - Spanish Copywriting

My portfolio of services is designed to meet your Spanish language communications needs with specific solutions in the following areas:

English-Spanish Translation

General, Technical, Legal and Business Translation:

If you are looking for a reliable translation partner for your documentation, whether business correspondence, legal documents, user manuals, technical specification sheets, catalogs, website content or software - you need look no further. I deliver professional translations of the highest quality and outstanding accuracy in neutral Spanish.

More than 25 years of experience at your service, with proficiency in the following fields: business, legal, high-tech, multimedia, etc. Guaranteed quick turnaround and electronic delivery in the format of your choice.

Advertising Translation and Marketing Communications Translation

Sometimes a straightforward, accurate translation is just not enough!

When the text to be translated is advertising or marketing communications material, extra effort may be required to make the text culturally appropriate to suit the target market, or to polish the style to ensure that the translation has the same sort of impact the original had. This may demand some creative input beyond the normal scope of translation. Don´t worry. You can rely on me!

Cost: For more information, please refer to Pricing.

Creative Copywriting in Spanish

Whether you're looking for a creative ad copywriter, or an experienced PR or marketing writer, I can help you to communicate your message in neutral Spanish, with clear, creative, top persuasive, culturally correct and highly effective copy.

From a single writing assignment to comprehensive marketing communications or advertising campaign, I use my extensive writing and marketing background to help your business reach the rapidly expanding Hispanic and Latin American Markets in an effective way. I pay full attention to your needs and goals, study your product, service and organization, relate the whole to its corresponding target, and build the most adequate message possible to meet your objective.

As a result, this approach makes your advertising dollars count. It ensures that your copy is attractive to your target audience while remaining faithful to your original idea and meaning... keeping you in control from beginning to end!

No matter what your needs are... You name it: Brochures, print ads, corporate video scripts, press releases, radio and T.V. ads, presentations, catalogues, direct mail letters, complete advertising campaigns, marketing plans, speeches, website content, manuals, catalogues, newsletters, corporate documents, Annual Reports, New Business Proposals, Training Materials, Visual Aids, Collateral, Menus, business to business communications, magazine articles, advertorials, broadcast advertising, outdoor advertising, point of purchase materials, slogans, coupons, logo concepts, etc., etc., etc. I´ll write it for you!

As an independent Spanish Copywriter, I am able to provide the right degree of flexibility and personalized service your project requires. This saves you time and money.

NOTE: For all jobs, you will need to furnish a briefing of needs, objectives and related information. It will be accepted in English and, of course, Spanish.

Cost: For more information, please refer to Pricing.

Editing & Proofreading

Perhaps your document could benefit from my careful review of its tone, content, organization, and basic structure.

Substantive Editing and Proofreading includes the analysis of content, organization, coherence, tone, and style of the text. As well as double checking for any errors of spelling, grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.

Cost: For more information, please refer to Pricing.

Special Services

Creative Review

I offer at a reduced-rate, comprehensive review of your ad, brochure, direct mail package, site or other creative project or marketing communication. It's an economical way to get meaningful feedback from an uninvolved writer who sees the project with fresh eyes -- as your customer sees it. I may confirm your confidence in a good creative execution (and say why), but I will also identify things that might be confusing, show how strong points could be extended, eliminate wordiness, and suggest other potential improvements. One thing I won't do is pan everything, in a crudely disguised pitch for new business; that's not what this is about. (For one thing, I can only make an educated guess about what your real marketing objectives were, unless you tell me.) I'll be constructive, give you sound reasons why and possibly suggest ways to do it better.

Cost: For more information, please refer to Pricing.

Same Day Delivery

There are times when texts need to be translated or copywrited urgently. In this cases, you can count on me!

Benefits: Fast turnaround (10 hours) for translations of up to 1,000 words. A 50% charge additional to the corresponding standard rates applies.

For more information, please refer to Pricing.